More than 100,000 fake nude photos of women shared, privacy at stake

According to a report in the German magazine Der Spiegel, information technology experts have discovered a program shared in the Telegram that converts a normal image into a nude image in just a few clicks. Artificial intelligence is used to create these fake or deep fake images. According to the report of the experts of IT analytics company Cecity, by July 2012, more than one hundred and four thousand such deep fake pictures had been shared on various telegram channels.

Photo converting procedure

In order to make a nude photo, the perpetrators would send a picture of the wanted woman to a program via telegram and after a while they would be sent back with a nude photo. According to Sensei experts, the program, which produces nude images, uses technology developed by Generative Advertising Networks, which is known for its artificial intelligence.

How does this program work?

The program uses a neural network. This network learns and works automatically. This in itself determines the physical appearance of a woman in a dress. It then develops an autonomy and a very real looking naked body.

This software is designed to modify only images of women. According to the technical magazine 'The Verge', the quality of deep fake nude pictures is not always the same. Many of the images seem to have changed, but many of the images look surprisingly original. Numerous Telegram channels have instructions on how to get good results. The more pictures, the cheaper

This program is offered by Boot in Telegram. A new window opens during the chat and a program automatically provides answers to user questions there. That is why it is not yet known who is behind this program. According to Cincinnati experts, the program is only available in English and Russian, while using DeepFack technology, most of the photos shared were from people who had been part of the former Soviet Union. According to the report, the images that were converted into nude images were mostly private photos of ordinary people or taken from their social media accounts. Like the normal program, this program also provides a free version. The free version has a watermark affixed while the premium version has better quality and no watermark.

Deep fake photos and blackmail

According to Cincinnati, the actual number of nude photos created using this technology may exceed estimates because deep-faked nude photos are not always published on open platforms. Deepfake software came to light in the year 2017. According to experts, there is a high risk that such images are used to blackmail or pressure women.

Future risk

According to experts, this technology could become more dangerous in the future, while legislation in this regard is already necessary in democratic societies. There is also a risk that over time it will become more difficult to distinguish between deep fake and original images. According to Cincinnati, the program is currently being used privately.

Meanwhile, it has become difficult to find such channels on the telegram. Cincinnati estimates that the telegram administration is shutting down such channels in particular. Many experts have contacted Telegram in this regard but the telecom management has not responded

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