China's smartphone maker company is constantly trying to innovate with the device. The company has now introduced a new concept smartphone, which has a Quad-Curved Waterfall Display. Through this smartphone, Xiaomi has taken the design of the curved display to a different level. The company has given a curved display design not only in the sides, but also in the top and bottom. This is the reason why the phone looks like waterfall from all four sides. 

xiaomi curved phone

There is no port in the phone

The company said that it was not so easy to create this 'Revolutionary Hyper Quad-Curved 88 Degree Surface'. It has been shaped using hot-bending glass at a temperature of 800 ° C. Having a display on all four sides clearly means that it is a port-free device. It will not only come with wireless charging, but will also support the company's recently launched Mi Air Charge technology. Smartphones can be charged from a distance through this technology.

Hidden front camera

This phone has an under-display camera, so that there is no notch in the display. However, till now the company has not used this technology in any commercial smartphone. Apart from this, e-SIM, pressure sensitive touch sensor, and built-in speakers have been provided in the phone. Unveiling the new device enables the company to make a completely port less device by relieving Type-C charging.

The rear camera setup and LED flash are available on the rear of the phone. Also, Xiaomi's braiding is also given. Xiaomi has worked hard on the phone's display, but it is expected that this phone will not become a concept device just like the company's Mi Mix Alpha. However, Xiaomi says that this device actually exists and has been used by the people of the company.

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